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By: Adam Petford | Asked: 02/25/2024
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Adam Petford asked 2 months ago

I have set up a website that provides digital forms to personal trainers

I used formidable forms to set up the various forms used

I have a number of issues that I just dont know how to solve (spend days trying to figure out things) I have not an expert in PHP and im currently stuck!

I really need an expert in Formidable forms to help me out

Happy to arrange a video call to go though everything

thank you

Adam Petford
1 Answers
Faisal AhammadFaisal Ahammad answered 1 month ago

Hi Adam, Could you please share all the issues you're experiencing so I can further investigate and resolve them? It would be best if you could provide a screen recording to help me take a closer look at the issue. You can use the following free screencast service: or this one Thank you.Send DataSend Data

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