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By: Brian OHearn | Asked: 02/14/2024
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Brian OHearn asked 2 months ago
We are looking for a WordPress plugin developer to create a custom plugin that interfaces with the API to update submission statuses in real-time for our Formidable Forms entries. Our goal is to automate the process of checking the status of submissions based on entry data, updating form fields accordingly, and ensuring the system is secure, efficient, and scalable.  
  • Plugin Development: Develop a custom WordPress plugin named "API Formidable Update" that can:
    • Retrieve an order ID from a specific field in a Formidable Forms entry (field ID –).
    • Submit this order ID to the API and fetch the current status.
    • Update another field in the form (field ID —-) with the status retrieved from the API.
    • Cease updates for an entry once a "Completed" status is received or if the order ID field is empty.
  • Cron Implementation: Implement WordPress cron jobs to check and update the submission status every 6 hours, with the flexibility to trigger updates for specific entries as needed manually.
  • Security and Performance: Ensure the plugin includes appropriate security measures such as data validation/sanitization and capability checks. Implement performance optimizations, including caching mechanisms, to minimize API requests and database interactions.
  • Error Handling and Logging: Develop a logging system to track API interactions, errors, and plugin activities. The log should be accessible to admins, maintain only 7 days of logs, and not exceed 20MB.
  • Future Proofing: Prepare the plugin for future features such as SMS/email notifications based on status changes. Ensure critical variables (API tokens, form IDs, field IDs) are easily configurable within the plugin's code for easy updates.
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Victor Font answered 2 months ago
This is very doable, but I disagree with WordPress cron. It's highly unreliable and only follows a schedule when people visit your site. Visitors trigger WordPress cron. Server cron is the way to do this if you want reliably execute your process every 6-hrs. I haven't been taking on any new clients recently, but I am inviting you fill our a project application. I'd like to learn more about your project.

You can find other interested developers here:
Brian OHearn replied 2 months ago

Will do, thanks!

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