File Upload Error - bad red error message blocking upload

By: Stefano D | Asked: 08/30/2023
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Stefano D asked 8 months ago
In the Form I created on Users can successfully upload the pdf documents which are handled correctly. But if users connect from Intranet of Unicredit they can see the website, they can see the form, but when they upload files they are blocked by a message shown by Formidable Forms (See Picture1) that I\'ve pasted also here below.   Anyone has Idea how to solve this issue?   Thank you very much in advance for any hint/solution. Stefano      
Sorry, you don\'t have permission to visit this site. <
>Access Denied<
> Not allowed to access this file type <
> You tried to visit:<
href=\"\"></ href=\"\"> See our internet use policy. < Need help? Contact our support team at href=\"mailto:[email protected]\">[email protected]< Your organization has selected Zscaler to protect you from internet threats. < -- 840674 4 39 0 1693160201 32 --
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Victor Font answered 8 months ago
This is not an issue with Formidable. The Zscaler firewall protecting the intranet is blocking the site from executing an Ajax request. You need the firewall administrator to unblock the site. 
Stefano D replied 8 months ago

thank you Victor, really appreciated your feedback 🙂

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