Formidable API integration between two sites

By: Frank Roark | Asked: 05/15/2023
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Frank Roark asked 11 months ago
We are seeking help in integrating the Formidable API between two sites. (one site intakes and displays the data and the second site takes that data and displays it to subscribers in a new way with more details. 

We have three total forms that are hosted on our main site. We have another site for subscribers that we are trying to push the information to and update in real time. We have the formidable API plugin on both sites but I have not been able to successfully accomplish the goals at hand. 

One form is very complex with over 70 datafields including repeaters. 

If you are familiar with Formidable's API and offer services We would like to go over this with you. 

Thank you in advance and look forward to talking with someone. 
Victor Font replied 11 months ago

You can find talented developers that can help you work through this by visiting

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