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By: Sara psachos | Asked: 02/13/2023
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Sara psachos asked 1 year ago
Our 2 forms are built. We just need help with the details, listed below. Hoping to have this work done over the next few days.
  • Calculations - 1 field
  • Field entries populated to other form field radio buttons in same form. Example: user entered two emails at the top of the form. At the bottom of the form we need to display the two emails and have the user choose which one receives an email on submission of the form.
  • Dropbox integration through Zapier. We need uploaded files and completed form saved to Dropbox instead of in Media Center. Create new folder in Dropbox based on user name or other form field entry.
  • Questions surrounding security. Right now our forms do not require login. We have two upload fields. Should we be requiring a login?
  • Email actions set up. We have about 7 emails that need to be triggered during the life of the form. 2 on initial submit, 5 on update.
  • Adding design to our emails. HTML/CSS coding.
  • API integration with multiple users of Testimonial Tree (this is a nice to have).
  • General review of our forms. Did we set them up for efficiency?
FYI... we have data from an IDX API feeding parts of our form fields (we contracted with an engineer do the API work).

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