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By: Sean Rowe | Asked: 03/15/2023
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Sean Rowe asked 1 year ago
I am working to come up with a plan for a client of mine who reached out about a new Non-Profit business he is starting. The business is geared towards building a registry for horses and horse owners who need assistance after a natural disaster.

He wants a place where people who own horses can register their animals and then he will have a team who can go assist those animals immediately following a natural disaster such as a Hurricane.  The registration would be an annual fee. I'll list some of the unique functionality I need.

1. Annual renewal of registrations - I believe this can be managed with Formidable and Stripe.  I want users to be able to cancel their renewal themselves from their "My Account" page.

2. Multiple subscriptions/registrations per user - Most horse owners have multiple animals. We need a seperate registration with a list of specific demographic info for each.

3. Editable Demographic info - We need the ability for users to edit the info on their animals after they enter it. I believe this can be done with Formidable Views.

4. Export list of animals in an area - If a specific area/county is hit by a natural disaster we would like to be able to export a list of all the animals in that area with some specific info. Owner Name, Barn Location (GPS), Owner Phone etc..

5. Export a demographic sheet of each animal - We also need to export a demographics sheet for each animal that shows all the info we collect on them.  It should also include an image of the animal if possible.

6. Online database/directory - This is likely just the Formidable Views where we can search through the animals as well as view their full demographics. It should have the ability to maintain multiple images as well as a large list of demographics we would collect during registration (and would be editable going forward).

Please let me know if Formidable is capable of this and what it would take to complete this project.
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Bobby Clapp answered 1 year ago
Generally speaking this is possible. It really depends on how strict you are to a particular workflow of a particular process. You're likely going to need a partner who understand Formidable Forms well ->

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