Multi-Currency: Integrating Formidable Forms WooCommerce with CURCY (MultiCurrency for WooCommerce)

By: Thomas Bech | Asked: 01/29/2023
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Thomas Bech asked 1 year ago
Hello I have built a large form with many different product add-ons, which currently only works in DKK. I have installed CURCY MultiCurrency for WooCommerce Plugin, and now the currency symbol changes when I change currency in the form. Unfortunately, the price doesn't. I'd like someone to help me integrate CURCY Multi Currency plugin with Formidable Forms, so the price also changes from DKK to EUR when changing currency. Ideally I'd be able to enter a conversion rate, and then the price should change based on the manual rate.  Hope anyone can help me! 
1 Answers
Victor Font answered 1 year ago

Since CURCY is a WooCommerce plugin, it may be possible to use with Formidable, but you would have to examine the plugin's source code to find if there are hooks or public functions you can use with Formidable. The CURCY documentation does not mention hooks or public functions, only a template and shortcode. This means you need to reverse engineer the CURCY plugin.

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