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By: George Ciamita | Asked: 10/01/2022
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George Ciamita asked 2 years ago
I have started to work on an app but unfortunately, my knowledge is limited when coming to formidable and coding and help is needed from a professional. There are a few bugs and features that have to be added to the forms and I will enumerate them below so you can have an idea about them. -Passing some values (signature, file upload, and some text fields) from one form to another at the end that fields will be used and shown on the pdf that is generated with e2pdf (the template is ready) -Show some statistics, e.g. offers received - awaiting - rejected. I have attached a link with what I have done now to see what about because make the view organized by a field. ( https://www.linkpicture.com/view.php?img=LPic6337f015190fd922447478 ) -Bug fix when use [get param] and the field is empty on the other field shows me some parameter but this should be empty in fact. If there is a need I can explain this to you and give more details in private. Please let me know if you can help with this and we can also discuss the price for the tasks. Thank you.
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Victor Font answered 2 years ago
If you have difficulty finding paid help, please use the Formidable Masterminds Developers Directory.

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