Split text value from Cookies into multiple fields

By: Jeremy Alexander | Asked: 01/23/2023
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Jeremy Alexander asked 1 year ago

Hello!  I have been able to map cookie fields into a field on a form with the code: 


add_filter('frm_get_default_value', 'my_custom_default_value', 10, 2);

function my_custom_default_value($new_value, $field){   

if($field->id == 569){ //change to the ID of the field     $new_value = ($_COOKIE['UTMSession']);  /


return $new_value;  }


Which returns as one string: utm_source=XXXX&utm_content=XXXX&utm_campaign=XXXX&utm_term=XXXX&utm_medium=XXXX  


I would like some help with splitting the above into multiple values, or just one value I can map to the individual fields for: 

  1. utm_source
  2. utm_content
  3. utm_campaign
  4. utm_term
  5. utm_medium


Let me know if this is something you could help with and at what cost, thanks! 

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