Syncing of form field entries (ticked boxes) to category tick boxes in WP

By: Amal Al Ayoubi | Asked: 04/04/2023
ForumsCategory: Paid Help WantedSyncing of form field entries (ticked boxes) to category tick boxes in WP
Amal Al Ayoubi asked 1 year ago

I wish people to tick boxes in a hierarchical taxonomy, within a form that they could access from a WordPress site. 

I would already have the same hierarchical taxonomy set up in the backend of the WordPress site. 

So I seek help with: a) creating hierarchical taxonomy in the form; b) integrating users' selections in that form to the equiavlent taxonomy in WP backend.  Assuming that to be possibe I'd be interested to know how much the assistance would cost.


2 Answers
Victor Font answered 1 year ago
Try this:
Amal Al Ayoubi answered 1 year ago
Thank you so much Victor - will do.  It seems beyond my technical abilities but *great* to know of for conversations with a developer (once such has been identified).  Much obliged,

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