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By: James Marnell | Asked: 09/24/2023
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James Marnell asked 7 months ago
Hi, I asked this same question under 'How To' but I am also glad to pay for the answer.  For a food catering business, I have created a Menu form in Formidable Forms.  The menu items are displayed as a menu from that form.  I use Bit Integration plugin to duplicate the menu items into the WooCommerce Product table.  The idea is to present a pleasant looking menu that allows customers to see an image of each item along with its description, price, and options.  When the customer clicks on the image of the dish, it brings up the Product page of WooCommerce to complete the order taking.  So it can go through reviewing the cart and checkout as well.  If the customer completes checkout, going to the Home page again is fine.  But if the customer wants to return to the menu from Product or cart pages, I would like for them to go back to looking through the menu from the point they selected their last item. I can either go to the WooCommerce Product page directly when the customer clicks on the Formidable Forms image in the custom menu or go through a modal popup.  Either way (whichever is best), I would like to continue from that point in the menu so the customer can select other items from where they left off. So, looking for some adult supervision on how to accomplish that? I have attached a photo of the food Menu screen.  Customer clicks on image, goes to WooCommerce for that item.  WooCommerce Product has copies of same entries as in Formidable form. Thanks very much! Jim
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Victor Font answered 7 months ago
Why don't you add a return link to the WooCommerce template? See this: https://woocommerce.com/document/template-structure/
James Marnell replied 7 months ago

Hi Victor,

Thanks very much for responding. My concern about doing that is that the return is to a food catering menu which customers have gone partway down the 45 or so dishes when they go into the WooCommerce item. I was thinking that if I use the return link, it would start them at the top of the menu again. Actually, I was coming back to the question I posed because it is turning out to be less of a problem than I expected because tabbing back through the WooCommerce pages is taking me back to the location in progress on the dish menu so it's okay and I was going to remove the question. Using the return link when an order is placed is a good idea though because then I can assume customers don't want to return to the menu. Thanks for reminding me! And I'm going to read that link to template structure, so thanks again. The site is temporary during development at jamesm677.sg-host.com/catering-menu/ for the catering menu page.

By the way, I develop these sites for free (except minimal domain registration so they own the name) for immigrants and refugees who aspire to be entrepreneurial. I have an unlimited hosting account on SiteGround as well as unlimited licenses on Formidable Forms, Envira Gallery, YellowPencil, and Bit Integration. Working on my own, I sometimes run into issues and could use an ad hoc paid resource to go to for answers. Do you ever do that sort of thing? I have an extensive IT background but not with WordPress. I've always said that success in the IT field correlates well with the ability to withstand pain. Researching everything falls under that heading sometimes.

In any event, thanks again for responding!

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