Entry not recorded if Transaction is Declined

By: Rick Warda | Asked: 12/06/2022
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Rick WardaRick Warda asked 1 year ago
I'm using the formidable plugin. On occasion, a customer's credit card will be declined or require further approval directly within  When this happens, the database doesn't record the form entry and creates a failed payment entry without any usable information as there is no link from the failed payment to a form entry.
This is a big deal since, more often than not, we could log into and approve the failed / pending transaction, but there is no form entry for it.

Is there any way to set the form to "record all entries"  (including failed transactions) ?
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Victor Font answered 1 year ago
Did you ask Strategy 11 support this question? I hope I'm wrong, but it's unlikely that any of the volunteers that answer questions here will know the answer to your question unless they've had reason to read through the add-on's source code. Add-on source code is pretty much a black box to anyone other than the Strategy 11 development team. Nevertheless, let's go through some basic diagnostics. First, did you read the add-on's documentation in the Formidable Knowlegebase? If the add-on is setup correctly as in the documentation, did you check the log file? Beyond that, there's not much else I can help you with. If you can read through the add-on's source code, which is extensive, you may find a filter or action you can hook into to prevent the unwanted behavior. If you open a ticket with Strategy 11 support, they'll be able to help you better than I can. There's even an outside chance you may have uncovered a previously unknown bug. That's why it's important to ask them.
Rick WardaRick Warda replied 1 year ago

Thank you so much, Victor. I did go through the documentation first but saw nothing that indicated my experienced behavior should be occurring (Stripe doesn't behave this way, although I understand it's a different animal altogether).
I'll reach out to support next. Thank you.

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