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By: Mansour F | Asked: 12/22/2023
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Mansour F asked 4 months ago
Hello We are a group of small clinics, trying to solve the problem of receiving “manage and opening medical files requset” for our patients online. Some of them are at their own expense and others are eligible for insurance coverage. Is there a case study similar to our case, so that the beneficiary follows the file and its updates? And linking via Google Sheet. So that other clinics can follow up on their requests - Mansour
Gregg GraeningGregg Graening replied 3 months ago

Hello Mansour, I am a developer for a very small accounting firm with a similar problem as the client base is located in 26 states and three countries. The firm shares much of the client's private content (e.g. tax returns, books) through "box". This method currently requires the client to make a separate log-in to "box" as a part of the process. Not knowing your exact country location and, thus, much about privacy regulation guiding your clinic's (e.g. HIPPA, GDPR, etc.) release of documents, records, etc., I did notice this site (other than "box") in my search for white papers: Further, in my search for the best file transfer plug-in to facilitate 1) privacy of information after login to the client subdomain and 2) ease of process for our client = drag file, drop file, click submit button, automatic upload file to private folder belonging to the client or to firm, I have narrowed it down to: and Naturally, in my search for the perfect forms plug-in that can handle the security, mathmatics and conditional logic of tax organizers and worksheets for U.S. tax returns while keeping the cost reasonable for a small firm, I tried WP Forms, Gravity Forms, and Formidable Forms. Obviously, you can surmize who was chosen. Hope this information helps you. - Gregg

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