How to code an Elementor Button to a FForms View Sheet

By: Don West | Asked: 07/30/2021
ForumsHow to code an Elementor Button to a FForms View Sheet
Don West asked 3 years ago
Don West replied 3 years ago

I have coded my FForm view sheet into Elementor buttons by using the URL that is produced by a view sheet. It worked perfectly until the last FForms plugin update. FForms changed to URL of all the viewsheets, and now my site is broken. Sure, I can recode all 640 buttons, and that's what I plan to do, but I'm so unhappy. Every time FForms updates a plugin it seems to break my site!

Chris AdamsFDM Digital replied 3 years ago

Hi Don,

What do you mean by coding the view into your buttons? Normally with a view you build the view and then put the view shortcode into a page you've created so the URL of that page won't change.

Have you been linking direct to the view with your buttons?


I wasn't aware that the URL for the actual view had changed but i never use it that way as you have a lot more control by putting the view shortcode on a page and linking to the page.

Don West replied 3 years ago

Thank you for your response, I think we have also been communicating over a Facebook FForms group this AM.

The way I set up my site is that an Elementor Button contains a URL link to a FForms View Sheet, and I have over 600 of these buttons. They worked just fine for the past 2 years, or so. What I'm hearing from FForms is that I should create a separate page for each View Sheet and then link the new page and view sheet. Then I should link my Elementor Button to the new page. First, now it seems too late in the game on my site to change everything. And second, I still don't see the benefit to adding over 600 additional pages to my website when I can simply link to the display of the view sheet. My plan is to update all the URLs and pray that FForms does not change the URLs of the views again in the future.

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