Embedding a larger image in a post

By: Hardseat Sleeper | Asked: 04/24/2023
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Hardseat Sleeper asked 12 months ago
I'm creating a post for info added in a form, including an image the user has uploaded. I see I can create a "view" in Formidable and add the image they uploaded using show_image=1 but the image that's embedded that way is a smallish square. Is there any way to embed a larger image rendition?
Walter JonesWalter Jones replied 12 months ago

Image size: Set the image display size using either size=thumbnail, size=medium, or size=full. The default size displayed is the thumbnail. In WordPress, the default thumbnail size is a 150x150 image. Specify a different size to show a bigger image. [x size=full show_image=1]
Replace x with the ID of the file upload field.

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