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By: Alexander Hansen | Asked: 07/21/2023
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Alexander Hansen asked 9 months ago
Hello everyone!

I am looking to find a solution to get a Google/Apple Pay button above my credit card fields on my form (using Stripe Payments), instead of having tabs. I wish to achieve something similar to the image below - does anyone know how to achieve this? I wrote the FF support, but they informed me that this could only be done with custom code, which they couldn't provide me.   Thank you in advance!   iphdfYdg5obb344tqRaP8rmaa15L6xYZHiFSdJnoV2NFXYRldKOABWKdpEI_x26ssR4n5exb1-leoHI2r6DXYSkIwG4GNH1kGRqDP53d422H2vS0F8U5567dks2BHWRsQfrEo5weFJBxxT570_RSzm0
1 Answers
Victor Font answered 9 months ago

Why wouldn't you just use Stripe ApplePay? I don't understand why you would use a different payment processor and connect it to Stripe.

Alexander Hansen replied 9 months ago

I do want to use Stripe ApplePay, so it is not a question of changing the processor, but rather the layout of the payment page. From the Get-Go you have tabs of which you would have to click on before you would be able to pay with Apple or Google Pay. I would prefer to have the payment option above the credit card fields, without have users "searching" for the Google or Apple Pay options.

Walter JonesWalter Jones replied 9 months ago

For me this has been dependent on which type of device I’m on. If Apple Pay is an option it usually shows me above the credit card field.

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