Advicement for the best implementation of a managing system

By: Julius hernández | Asked: 12/11/2023
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Julius hernándezJulius hernández asked 4 months ago

Hi! I'm building a system to manage access of residents on a building complex. That's not the problem, with my knowledge of Formidable I easily accomplish it.

The question comes because my client wants to deploy the same system in another complex. So, I'm not sure what would be the best approach to use the same system for different managers, different residents and different houses. Maybe it would be not only two, but some more of them.

My options:

1) Using one Wordpress installation (in one domain/hosting with Wordpress in separate subdirectories) for each complex. So each one of them will have its own data tables and its own pages. The disadvantage of this is that is very difficult to make changes to one system and replicate it in the other installs, keeping track of all changes.

2) Using the same installation of Wordpress for all, logically separating the data for user groups and for each complex, but I think it would be hard to avoid potential data mixing issues (users seeing what they don't need to see, for example), or making the process of register/login not so smooth.

Any tips that you would like to share will be appreciated. I'm having a hard time deciding what the best approach will be and I will thank you for some insight in this subject. Note that I'm not asking custom design or coding, only your kind advicement, if you please.

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Walter JonesWalter Jones answered 4 months ago
You could use a Wordpress multisite solution for this. 

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