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By: Alissa Johnson | Asked: 03/08/2023
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Alissa Johnson asked 1 year ago

In my form people are asked the days they attended an event using a checkbox. They are asked to tick each of the days they attended - friday, saturday and/or sunday. I have used seperate values (1 for each). These are added up in a hidden field which depending on the total, fields are displayed using on conditional logic. My problem is the entry fields for each day are all displayed as friday. And therefore not showing the actual days they attended. Is there a reason this is happening, perhaps due to seperate value all equalling the same number or something else? Thanks      

2 Answers
Walter JonesWalter Jones answered 1 year ago
What does your form look like in the form builder?  When you say you have separate values, do you mean you have the number 1 under each checkbox?
Victor Font answered 1 year ago

When you use separate values, the values cannot be the same. The values are tied to the labels. If you set each separate value to 1, which is what you've apparently done, the system has no way of knowing if the 1 means the first value in your checkbox list or the last value in your checkbox. It's always going to display the first matching label. Separate values must be unique across all of your checkboxes.There cannot be any two or more with the same value. You'll never see the correct expected results. This is true for any web form, not just those you build in Formidable.You need to re-engineer your process and decide what the unique values are that you want to store to represent your event dates. Personally, if I was asked to track dates, I'd probably use a date stamp as the separate value so there would never be any confusion as to the dates attended. You can create date stamps for the appropriate dates with a shortcode. Just my 2-cents.

Bobby Clapp replied 1 year ago

I believe a way to approach this has been laid out by Formidable. You can enter something like a-1,b-1,c-1 and it will take the numerical value allowing you to use the same numeric value more than once, but only when in combination with a unique alphabetic combination. The example image here shows that as well.

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