Choose Radio Button Option Without Clicking On It

By: Nathan W | Asked: 01/24/2023
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Nathan WNathan W asked 1 year ago

I have a page with 6 classes my client offers & I have 6 "Book Now" buttons that open a Divi Overlay. I want to auto-select which radio button option corresponds to each book now button's class. 

I.e., Class: Prenatal Consult, I click on book now button & the radio button should auto-select the "Prenatal Consult" option.   Thank you for any help!
1 Answers
Walter JonesWalter Jones answered 1 year ago
I do something similar with a client who needed a photo session booking solution.  This jquery can be added to the after fields section of the form:   <script> setInterval(function(){   jQuery('#field_4tih-0').prop('checked', true); }, 100); </script>

Might work for you, idk just inspect your fields to get your IDs.  

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