Creating a baseball field scheduling system

By: Joe Capone | Asked: 04/27/2023
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Joe Capone asked 12 months ago
I am looking to use Formidable to track games and practices, etc....for 5 baseball fields in town. The goal is to have a process that people use to request a slot for practice, etc. With a properly maintained system, there are no questions about who has a field at a given time. If there is an open slot, someone can reserve it and get the kids on the field. I am thinking there would be one main page that lists all the fields. Each field could have an image and some basic info. You would click on the individual field and see a calendar or a list of events that are going on. Then there could be a form that you enter your name, the team (if applicable), the date/the time....the request goes in as pending....then an admin approves it when everything is set and good to go. Nice and neat and clean....allowing for maximum usage of fields, without confusion.   Thoughts on how to best implement this? Thanks community.
1 Answers
Walter JonesWalter Jones answered 12 months ago
This can be done with FF.  I may over-complicate this, but here is what I would do. Since you will have a designated "administrator" that will be active in managing the system I would create a booking form for each ball field.  Each ball field form will also have an admin form let's call it (availability loader) associated with it that the admins will use to enter dates and times that are eligible to be booked on the ballfield forms by the coaches.   Each ballfield form should have lookup fields that load the dates and times available from the respective availability loader form.  Using the availability loader forms you can enter or delete dates and times that can be reserved. Then you would create multiple views that help you display and manage the fields, you could use a calendar view etc.

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