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By: Joan Heier | Asked: 08/02/2023
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Joan Heier asked 9 months ago
Testing out a registration form where the client wants to send a pdf invoice to the registrant with form details and payment instructions.   From video instruction on youtube it says to put a shortcode in the email to link to pdf: [frm-pdf view="1611" entry="[id]" public=1] The email sends fine but when testing the link, I'm getting the incorrect information for another user's prior registration.  Searching documentation I could not find a reason why the other registrant's info would be pulled.  
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Walter JonesWalter Jones answered 9 months ago
Try: [frm-pdf source="display-frm-data" id=1611 entry_id=[id] public=1]
Joan Heier answered 9 months ago
Thank you so much, that shortcode is working!

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