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By: Roland Jungwirth | Asked: 09/03/2023
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Roland Jungwirth asked 8 months ago
When users sign up, they get 2 weeks free access, after which I need to collect their banking details. If they want to, they can add them on sign up as well. When a user logs in, I am checking whether the 2 weeks are over. If it is and they have not added their banking details, I am forwarding them to a page, where they can add their banking details. I want them to edit their original sign-up entry, but they should only be able to change the "banking details" fields. I have read these instructions - https://formidableforms.com/knowledgebase/set-up-front-end-editing/ - but I just want to show the form and the entry, not a list of entries. How can I embed a form on a page, prefilling the entry the user made, making just the banking details field editable? P.s. for simplicity's sake, a user can only have entry for the sign-up form.
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Roland Jungwirth answered 7 months ago
Thank you Walter for your answer. However, this is not what I need - both the links you posted adapt the link to the form - in my case, I don't have a list, the user is automatically redirected to the form itself, not a list of entries.
Victor Font answered 7 months ago

You can have everything on one form and hide/show the banking section with conditional logic. When the form is edited you can flag all not editable fields as readonly or disabled. Users will be able to see the data but not change it.

Roland Jungwirth replied 7 months ago

Victor, unfortunately my approach didn't quite work. How would you conditionally "flag" certain fields as readonly?

Roland Jungwirth answered 7 months ago
Thank you for your help, Victor. Based on Walter's response, I played around a bit more with the view, and I managed to get it running. Basically, I am showing a link to the user that is populated by the view, then I can adjust what fields are shown from that.

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