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By: Michael Clark | Asked: 10/18/2023
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Michael ClarkMichael Clark asked 6 months ago
Wouldn't it be great if there was an add-on for FF that OCR'd an upload field set to jpeg or PNG?
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Walter JonesWalter Jones answered 6 months ago
What would that look like for you?  The output I mean. Let’s say we upload a jpeg with text, then what is your expectation from that point with OCR?
Michael ClarkMichael Clark replied 6 months ago

Initially, bulk text, mapped to a field in a form.

Michael ClarkMichael Clark replied 6 months ago

Ideally, it'd be *super* cool to to have a suite of OCR functionality:

PDF to FF: Upload a PDF form, OCR it, view it with OCR'd fields highlighted, accept, and make new form, or clear fields and draw fields on top of the form, save that as a new form.

JPEG to FF: Upload JPEG, OCR to PDF, Convert PDF to FF, view, accept, or clear and draw fields.

Scan to FF: Upload JPEG or PDF, OCR text, preview, select form to import into, map fields, create new entry (or make an import of an entry using something like a custom WP All Import API to FF API call, maybe).

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