Get a total for a specific option with checkbox field

By: Pedro Magalhães | Asked: 09/26/2023
ForumsCategory: General questionsGet a total for a specific option with checkbox field
Pedro Magalhães asked 7 months ago

I have two options created with a checkbox. The Checkboxes Field have an id of '10'

I want to display the total count of votes on option 1 and the total counts of votes of option 2.

if i use [frm-stats id=10 type=count] it's going to show me the total count of votes of both options.

In the page, it's says to use the entry parameter to get a total for a specific entry or entries. Gives the example of [frm-stats id=x type=star entry="250,252,255"]

I don't want the star as type so i've changed that to 'count' but i dont know the value of option 1 and option 2 to put in the entry.

Probably the solution is something like: [frm-stats id=x type=count entry="opt1"] Please help.. Many thanks

1 Answers

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