How do you put a newline or CR in a text calculation?

By: Michele Capurso | Asked: 03/18/2023
ForumsCategory: General questionsHow do you put a newline or CR in a text calculation?
Michele Capurso asked 1 year ago

Hi. I need to set up a rather long text calculation field to recap a bunch of choices made in some previous fields. So:

  1. I created a paragraph filed
  2. I am using the Advanced Default Value (Text Calculation) to populate the field from other fields' content.

Things work pretty well, expect I cannot place newlines between fields code. I have tried things like:





Nothing works so far. I even created another paragraph field and placed a newline there, but unless you put some other text content the CR alone gets stripped away.... Any help would be much appreciated!

3 Answers
Michele Capurso answered 1 year ago
Hi and thank you for the idea. Not really what I wanted to achieve, but it could be a solution. I am going to check it right now. 
Victor Font answered 1 year ago
Another technique to try is to create your own shortcode to produce the output you want. With a shortcode, you could append the PHP_EOL character between the lines where you want the breaks.

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