How to view expired / expiring posts

By: Nick Laux | Asked: 07/08/2023
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Nick Laux asked 9 months ago
Hey everyone,  I am building a pay-per-post site.  I am wondering if anyone has any thoughts on how I might be able to produce a report that would show me a list of all the entries (posts) that have either expired or are about to expire, so that I can monitor / make sure that my pay-per-post system is really working.  Obviously it would defeat the purpose of having a pay-per-post site if the posts don't actually expire and get removed from the site, so having a list of expired / about to expire posts would be really helpful.  If anyone has any thoughts on how I might accomplish this, I'm all ears. Thanks!
Victor Font replied 9 months ago

What's a pay-per-post site? Please explain how your process works so we can better understand the function of the expiration date?

Nick Laux replied 9 months ago

Hi Victor,

A pay per post site is a site that instead of charging people a monthly subscription to view / use the site content, you charge people each time they post new content to your site. Then that content lives on the site for a certain number of days (say 30) and then it unpublished.

A classified ads website would be an example of this.

FF allows you to "expire" or unpublish content after a certain number of days, so in order to make sure that this is working, I would like to figure out how to build a report that will show me all the current state of posts on the site (published / expired / about to expire) so I can keep an on the system and make sure it's working as intended.


1 Answers
Walter JonesWalter Jones answered 9 months ago
Are you using form action automation to expire the post?  

You could create a view that has the current date and the date the post was created, then do a calculation in another field to give you the difference 

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