I don\'t receive emails from people filling out my form.

By: Luca Ariano | Asked: 05/05/2024
ForumsCategory: General questionsI don\'t receive emails from people filling out my form.
Luca Ariano asked 2 months ago
Hey, I have everything configured except for SMTP, since I feel like you have to be a software developer to do that. Do I need this to receive emails?     
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Walter JonesWalter Jones answered 2 months ago
First of all this is a community support forum. No one here is paid by strategy 11 to support formidable forms.  So your “smart ass” response to Victor who is trying to tell you that formidable isn’t the problem its either your Wordpress configuration or your email address itself is a bit uncalled for. 

There are new rules and regulations in place related to spam especially with free services like gmail and that is what Victor is trying to get across to you.  We deal enterprise applications built with formidable and the Wordpress environment and trust me all works as expected.  If you want to hire me or another developer to fix your issue, by all means…expect to pay $150 an hour.  

Or following Victors suggestions and do it yourself. 
Victor Font answered 2 months ago
Setting up SMTP does not require a developer and you don't need it to receive emails. You use SMTP if your server isn't sending email. Use this plugin to see if the server is sending email: https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-test-email/. If it is sending, then the problem lies in how your domain's email is setup, in which case you would contact your host for assistance.
Luca Ariano replied 2 months ago

Thank you for the quick answer. But the I dont really care if my email sends or not. All I want is to receive emails from the people who filled out my form. I thought that would do it automatically but I have to go to wordpress --> formidable --> entries. Just to see who wants my services... Do you have an idea how I can receive it to my email?

Victor Font replied 2 months ago

You don't care if WordPress sends emails or not, but you want to receive emails from Formidable that uses the WordPress sendmail function. Formidable does not send emails on it's own. It uses WordPress functionality. Fix WordPress and you'll get emails from Formidable. Did you follow these directions: https://formidableforms.com/knowledgebase/email-notifications/ If you did everything here and you're not receiving emails, you have to fix WordPress or setup SMTP.

Luca Ariano replied 2 months ago

I installed your plugin but I cant find it anywhere. I feel like such a noob

Victor Font replied 2 months ago

My plugin? I didn't write that plugin.

Luca Ariano replied 2 months ago

Okay I connected SMTP now successfully, BUT still can't receive emails from people who filled out my form.
What do you say now Victor

Victor Font replied 2 months ago

Why did you setup SMTP? Did you setup the confirmation like the Knowledgebase article instructed you? What did the troubleshooting plugin report after you setup and tested the confirmation? Are you SPF, DKIM, and DMARC records setup correctly in DNS?

If you did everything as the articles instructed and email is not being sent, you need to contact your webhost for assistance or hire someone to look at your site.

Formidable does not have a built-in email function. All email are sent through WordPress. You need to troubleshoot your WordPress installation and DNS records. This is not something anyone here can help you with.

Luca Ariano replied 1 month ago

Hey Victor

thanks a lot for your suggestions, I really appreciate it. I just wanted to let you know that I managed to fix the email issue. It turns out it was indeed related to the WordPress setup and DNS settings, like you suspected.

I followed the guide you recommended (https://formidableforms.com/knowledgebase/email-notifications/) step by step and made some adjustments to my WordPress setup. After updating the SMTP settings and checking my DNS records, Formidable emails are now working properly.

Once again, I really appreciate your help and patience with this issue!

Best regards ✌🏼

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