I have bought formidable pro, how does it work?

By: Danier Valiev | Asked: 05/03/2023
ForumsCategory: General questionsI have bought formidable pro, how does it work?
Danier Valiev asked 12 months ago
I have bought formidable pro for 1 site. 

We have 2 domain, the main is https://bf.no/ Which is built with react and .net/azure as backend. 
We want to transfer over to wordpress. 

So currently this domain: https://www.fixfinans.no/ is being built with wordpress, if u enter the link u will see its kind of copy of the domain bf.no  Earlier i asked if it was possible to replicate the calculator (built with react ) in formidable pro, which I got the positive answer to that it is possible. 

We want to be fully done with the website in wordpress before we shut down azure and fully transfer over to wordpress, so therefor using the domain fixfinans.no to complete the website then gonna transfer it all to bf.no.

We want to setup the calculator now so that we dont sit a week or so without a calculator on our site once we go live with out wordpress site. 

Would it be possible to use the pro version to setup in fixfinans, then transfer the pro version over to bf.no once we are done setting up the calculator? 

or would i need seperate key or new pro product to setup in bf.no? 

We just need pro version only on 1 site, but want to setup in fixfinans.no then transfer over to bf.no. 
1 Answers
Walter JonesWalter Jones answered 12 months ago
That all depends on what you got. If you bought basic then yes it’s 1 site.  Use this for reference. 


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