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By: Tanner Hemphill | Asked: 07/05/2023
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Tanner HemphillTanner Hemphill asked 10 months ago
Does anyone know of a way to add a timestamp to an image that is uploaded in a form? We are looking for a way to validate that an image was taken and that someone was not just uploading an old image to the form from their phone library. 
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Walter JonesWalter Jones answered 10 months ago
You're looking to pull metadata from the photo itself and capture that in a field?  Or you're simply looking for adding a date and time to a field when the form is submitted with the attached photo?
Victor Font replied 10 months ago

I had the same question. Walter beat me to it.

Rob LeVineRob LeVine replied 10 months ago

Walter and Victor beat me to it. Next?

Tanner HemphillTanner Hemphill replied 10 months ago

Hey Walter, thanks for the quick response. I would say it's the first one, pulling the metadata. I want to ensure someone is not just using an old image when they submit the form as we are using a web form for a daily pool inspection procedure.

Victor Font replied 10 months ago

WordPress has a function for extracting image metadata:

Tanner HemphillTanner Hemphill replied 10 months ago

So this is something I would have to modify via WordPress and I could tie it into the data that is submitted via the form? If all of my entries are going into a spreadsheet, I'd like to have the time/date metadata go into a column on that spreadsheet. Same thing for the emailed entries to have the time/date data on that email and the attached PDF form submission.

All of that would be possible somehow?

Victor Font replied 10 months ago

Yes, it’s all possible. You can probably extract the exif details and store them in hidden fields while validating the photo entry. I imagine you might even validate the file uploads in the process by checking the file before being written to the server. No or edited exif data = rejected entry. It may be possible, but I can’t know for certain with exploring the code. Once the data is stored in Formidable, you can download as a csv file or even upload it to Google sheets when the entry is submitted. Formidable will do anything you want if you don’t mind writing some custom code.

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