Is it possible to add a front-end "download all" button for clients?

By: Ariff Khalid | Asked: 01/20/2023
ForumsCategory: General questionsIs it possible to add a front-end "download all" button for clients?
Ariff Khalid asked 1 year ago
Hi everyone, I have an online form clients use to upload files and information to. these files are stored within the website and server. Clients can view their submissions via a Formidable View i have designed. At the moment I have each file set to be downloadable individually via the shortcode: [X show_image=0 add_link=1 new_tab=1 show_filename=1] But i want to be able to have a single link that can somehow collate all links and download all files the client has uploaded. I'm thinking it may be possible with a nested view of some kind by possibly using PHP to double-up and load the files into another form and a single file upload field to serve back to the client, but i worry this won't be flexible as clients add/remove files. Does anyone know of any other ways this might be achieved?
Rob LeVineRob LeVine replied 1 year ago

Are you looking for a native Formidable solution or a custom code solution?

Ariff Khalid replied 1 year ago

i don't think it's natively possible but happy to be proven wrong. At the moment i have been experimenting with nested views but that doesn't actually grab and collate all the links into one multi-downloader.

I am also looking at custom PHP solutions using the http_build_query but my PHP is middle school level at best.

Rob LeVineRob LeVine replied 1 year ago

If Walter's ideas don't work for you, my thought was to find PHP code that merges the files either into a single PDF or a ZIP file and then you create a link to that compilation.

Ariff Khalid replied 1 year ago

Thank you Rob, I may need to go with getting some custom code built as it seems the plugin Walter mentioned isn't being actively developed and that might not sit well with the client. You don't suppose you have any recommended developers or perhaps you yourself are available to take on this little project? Happy to discuss compensation.

Rob LeVineRob LeVine replied 1 year ago

Ariff - send me a message. I can potentially help if it is indeed a little project.

1 Answers
Walter JonesWalter Jones answered 1 year ago
I use It works well still, even though it’s a dead plugin.  
Ariff Khalid replied 1 year ago

thanks Walter i'll have a look into it but may i ask what does your process flow look like?

Walter JonesWalter Jones replied 1 year ago

I have a form where people upload zip files. FileAway is mapped to the location on the sever that houses those uploaded files. FileAway creates a searchable data table of all those files on the front end with short code, so the files can be download on the front end by users.

Ariff Khalid replied 1 year ago

Thank you Walter. I will download and do some testing. It's a shame it isn't being actively developed though as this might not sit well with the client.

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