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By: AJ Shippy140 | Asked: 04/20/2023
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AJ Shippy140 asked 12 months ago
Hi - we're wanting to do a lookup field with the same view as the radio button field with images. However, read in the documentation that is not possible. 

Is there a way for us to utilize the non-lookup radio button image field to cascade filter a lookup field?
Walter JonesWalter Jones replied 12 months ago

You might be able to do it with conditional logic.

Create your radio image field and then a regular lookup field. When the radio field is clicked the conditional logic will show the lookup field.

AJ Khanijow replied 12 months ago

Would there be a way to automatically select a default value for the lookup field based on what the user selects in the radio button field?

Otherwise, by using conditions (If I am understanding correctly), I would have to create several lookups to different tables right?

Walter JonesWalter Jones replied 12 months ago

The lookups relate to fields in other forms. So you could have 10 forms each with different fields, and bring those fields into one form using a look-up. You can limit the content natively by logged in USER for the lookup fields, but there may also be some hooks you can use. I have never tried to set a default value for a lookup field, it would defeat the purpose in most of my applications to set a default, but you could certainly try.

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