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By: Wilco Wietsma | Asked: 07/28/2022
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Wilco Wietsma asked 2 years ago
Hello, We are struggling a lot with keeping an overview on our forms.  We have a lot of them and it's getting quit messy with the amount of forms.    Anyone ever built a custom solution to add forms into folders our something like that?  Something like Typeform does for example.   Also regarding rights it would be usefull to be able to add editing rights on a per folder base for example.
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Walter JonesWalter Jones answered 2 years ago
The closest think we have to organization is the new applications feature.  

You could create a custom naming structure and set it up like a phone book: A - Form Name A1 - Form Name  etc. 
Victor Font answered 2 years ago
Using folders isn't possible because all forms are stored in the database. There's no concept of folders in a database. To use folders, the forms would have to be physically stored on the server like WordPress stores media. The closest option to categorize forms in a manner similar to storing them in folders is the Application builder. You can assign forms and views to an application. An application is a category, just like a folder or taxonomy. When packaged as an application, you can download all associated forms and views and upload to a new Formidable instance in bulk. As for form permissions, what are you finding that you can't do with the robust permissions already provided by Formidable? You can assign any WordPress role to a form to restrict or allow editing. You can create custom roles in WordPress and use them with any form. You can restrict views with view filters.
Wilco Wietsma replied 2 years ago

I dissagree, the developers could easily add a categorizing ability to the forms based on the taxonomy, tag or categorie functionality of WordPress. And effectively as such create "Folders" in which to add a form.

This would also allow for more authorisation options, for example Learndash has an option to only allow editting of courses in specific categories. For enterprises both functionalities are much needed.

Victor Font replied 2 years ago

What are you disagreeing with exactly? What developers are you speaking of? If you mean Strategy 11, you should open a support ticket and suggest your idea as a new feature.

Wilco Wietsma replied 2 years ago

I'm dissagreeing that a folder structure isn't possbile. Mabye not in the exact wording of "folders" but categorisation certainly. I thought this is a forum of Formidable Forms.. The dev's dont read this?

Victor Font replied 2 years ago

This is a community volunteer supported forum. It is not an official Formidable Forms support channel. We don't know how or when anyone from Strategy 11's development team read these posts. The only two Strategy 11 resources that chime in from time to time are Steve Wells and Bobbie Deveroux.

If you'd like to propose a new feature for Formidable Forms to Strategy11, you have to do so using Formidable's official support channel on the Formidable Forms website.

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