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By: S. J. | Asked: 05/09/2024
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S. J. asked 2 weeks ago
Hi together, is it possible to mark a changed field in maybe red ? For explanation: i`ve a public Form for users to enter there Data, create useraccounts and save field as UserMeta Fields on the other hand i have a form there get the data from the UserMeta and the loggedin User are able update there saved data and FF sends a notification to the stored email adress to our office. And i would be able to mark the changed data in maybe red, for better visibility in the office which data are changed, or better just send the changed data. I hope this is reasonably understandable :D regards Sven
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Victor Font answered 2 weeks ago
It is possible but it requires a bespoke solution. Formidable does not keep a history of changes. You world have to create a way of checking historical data. We have an add-on on the Formidable Masterminds site created by Jones Web Designs that will get you partially there by documenting you changes. Adding the changes to an email requires additional custom work. I recommend you purchase the add-on and then speak to its author to discuss customizing your site. Add-on: Add-on Author
Victor Font replied 2 weeks ago

@Walter Jones

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