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By: Henry Luiz | Asked: 09/28/2022
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Henry Luiz asked 2 years ago
Hi, I have used formidable forms previous in simple form development. I developed the following South African Fairmont GT Registry V1.2 ( This is a master/detail but does not have to be.
I still want to be able to display 1 page of details to many images (up to 5 images). Clients must be able to scroll through the images
I need clients to add and be able to view this data and images Is it possible to redevelop this in formidable forms? Thank You
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Walter JonesWalter Jones answered 2 years ago
FF can be used to do just about anything.  You make a form that allows for users to enter the data displayed in part one of your current application.   Then you create a view to display that data however you would like.  It's fairly straight forward.  Does your current application use any type of custom coding?
Henry Luiz replied 2 years ago

No custom code used.
3 questions I have
1- Can FF create a unique key per client
2- does FF support the scrolling of the images IE next, previous
3- Can this be done with the Basic licence or do i need to upgrade.

Bobby Clapp answered 2 years ago
Yes this can be done. Unique keys are assigned to every entry. If the unique key has to be limited to the client, custom architecture will likely need to be considered. You can do things like allow people to edit their previous entries with one view and then create another view to show all entries and not allow people to edit those. Scrolling images could be achieved with custom code or an additional plugin that support a sliding gallery. You would likely expect to need a paid license of some sort.
Henry Luiz answered 2 years ago
HI,   I have created a single form to display data with 5 images.  Please see The view GT Registry displays all records.  What is the easiest way to setup a record per screen with a "previous"... "next" to display the next record.    appreciated your help
Bobby Clapp replied 2 years ago

Change the view settings page size value to 1 -

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