Migrate from Development Server to Production Server

By: Gary Ownsby | Asked: 06/28/2023
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Gary Ownsby asked 10 months ago
Hello.  I'm sure many Formidable users have development servers and production servers for the finished product. Is "exporting" alone enough to get everything related to an app you've developed on a development server?  Everything meaning everything...files, database, images, etc. Is there a guide I should follow to migrate an app? Thank you. Gary  
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Victor Font answered 10 months ago
This a kind of a loaded question because the answer is Yes and No depending on the complexity of your application. If you're talking about a Formidable Application managed by the built-in Application Manager, it exports the development server's data as packaged XML files. It does not include custom code that you may have in custom libraries or Code Snippet assets. You have to migrate those separately. I hope you also don't have any custom code that references field_ids. Here's why: https://formidable-masterminds.com/writing-transportable-code-keys-vs-ids/
Gary Ownsby replied 10 months ago

Thank you for your reply. Our "app" is not within the built-in Application Manager. It is just a simple form and a few views (public view of certain data & private views of all data by staff). We have no custom code. We do have several graphics which are part of the forms & views. We would like to see those come over during migration.

Thank you again.

Walter JonesWalter Jones replied 10 months ago

I would add it to the application and sync it. Then export the application and import into the production server. Sounds like the perfect case for that process.

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