Multi-step forms no longer work with Formidable Abandonment addon

By: kung FuPanda | Asked: 11/08/2023
ForumsCategory: General questionsMulti-step forms no longer work with Formidable Abandonment addon
kung FuPanda asked 6 months ago

We did spend several hours to review our websites, all plugins, themes but it was a Formidable Abandonment addon issue.

When the add-on is enabled: multi-step forms no longer work, clicking on "next" triggers the form completion action, which means displaying a message or sending an email according to the settings. When the add-on is not enabled: the forms work normally, clicking on "next" redirects to page 2, etc.

How to fix it ? Thanks    
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Walter JonesWalter Jones answered 6 months ago
you will need to submit a support request to strategy 11.  
kung FuPanda answered 6 months ago
Well Strategy 11 must know this issue very well. It's happening on several websites we manage : different themes, different servers, different WP version. We did spend hours to debug this, plugin by plugin etc to finally find that it's their addon.  

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