multiple forms for the same entries?

By: Shawn Fawcett | Asked: 05/11/2023
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Shawn Fawcett asked 12 months ago
Hi, I have a budget builder on a site where a lead fills in a form for a budget. The admin had to enter a few things on the form too before a full calculation can be done in a view.   How can I have a form or 2 forms, 1 customer and 1 admin, with more options for the admin? Or I can't do this what is common practice?
1 Answers
Victor Font answered 12 months ago
You can use a single form and set the visibility of admin only fields to admin only on the field's advanced panel.
Shawn Fawcett replied 12 months ago

Thanks Victor. And using a Section makes this even easier 🙂

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