prefilled one or multiple checkboxes from usermeta

By: S. J. | Asked: 08/06/2023
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S. J. asked 9 months ago
Hi together, i have an form that`s stores multiple values as usermeta.   Now i wnt too be prefiled a chackbox section with this usermeta....   Example Form1 > stores values as single or comma separated usermeta Sport1 Sport2 Sport3 Sport4 and so on....   Form2 > gets values from usermeta Sports Sport1 Sport2 Sport3 Sport4 and so on....   i`ve tryed to set the Default Value of the checkboxes in Form2 with Smarttag [usermeta key="Sports"] but it`s doesn`t work... where is my mistake ? regards Sven
3 Answers
Walter JonesWalter Jones answered 9 months ago
A little hard to follow your question, but usermeta comes from the user profile of the wordpress user.  Are you saying that your trying to bring data from 1 form into another?  Or from the users profile?
S. J. answered 9 months ago
okay sorry for my bad explanation.... i`ll try to load checkboxes with userdata usermeta values The data are stored as single value like Sport1 or multiple values  Sport1, Sport2, Sport3 and with this values i want to prechecked one or multiple Checkboxes with the [usermeta key="UserMetaKey"] but it`s not working
S. J. answered 8 months ago
any ideas ?

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