Problem: URL Displayed Instead of Image

By: Gary Ownsby | Asked: 07/01/2023
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Gary Ownsby asked 10 months ago
Hello All. My prototype forms/views were working fine; however, when I attempted to convert it into an application (Create Application), things went a bit sideways. Each record provides for up to 3 images to be uploaded by a "logged-in user" but viewed (View) by anyone.  Now the images do not display but rather a long URL reference is displayed which should display the image, but only the URL is shown.  See screenshot attached. If I attempt to copy & paste that URL into a browser, I get a message, "That file is protected". So permissions or something has changed somewhere along the way...perhaps in the Create Application step. I have exhausted my own knowledge, so would someone head me in the right direction? Thank you. Gary  
Gary Ownsby replied 10 months ago

Thank you, Walter.

I have thoroughly read that link and some related documents but still no joy. I also note that after setting form permissions again, now the Upload File icon/symbol now says:

Required upload size: 134.22MB

It normally says "Maximum Upload Size" and the long URL link still displays after any image is uploaded (see my initial post). Yet, I did not specify any minimums or maximum files sizes (see screenshot).

Still scratching my head...

Thank you.


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