Pull entries into another form to allow voting on the entries

By: Ethan D | Asked: 04/05/2023
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Ethan D asked 1 year ago
Hi folks, we have a form that we're using for artists to submit information about themselves, as well as multiple image uploads of their artwork.  This information is used in a jury process to determine which artists will be featured in our show.  I have created a view that shows each entry including the artist name as well as the images they uploaded. What I would like to do, if possible, is to use these entries in ANOTHER form that the jury uses to cast their votes.  In other words: Artist 1 Info Artist 1 Images Rating choice - 1-5 stars   Artist 2 Info Artist 2 Images Rating choice - 1-5 stars   Etc.   Basically, I want to create a "View" that's actually another "Form", where each entry is displayed and has a 1-5 rating selector below it for each jury member to use to vote.  Here's a rudimentary view I've created with a notation of how I'd like the voting to work: https://snipboard.io/e2Wxua.jpg   Is this possible with Formidable?
David Schellenberg replied 10 months ago


Did you find an answer to this? I have asked similar pre-sale questions but I did not get much insight of how it would be possible.


Ethan D replied 10 months ago

Yeah, I spoke with someone there - in short; what I was attempting is not possible with FF. 🙁

1 Answers
Walter JonesWalter Jones answered 10 months ago
Why isn’t this possible?  Create your voting form and use dynamic fields to bring in your artists information.  Then add your voting functionality with new fields.  

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