Regular versus Annual Payments (Formidable)

By: carrie gauthier | Asked: 07/12/2023
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carrie gauthier asked 9 months ago
Anyone know a way in to pay for a paid sub to Formidable monthly rather than annually? I know the prices are pretty fair when you pay annually but I'm pretty strapped at the moment so would appreciate if anyone has any info. Thanks so much!    
Victor Font replied 9 months ago

Formidable is offering 60% off licenses this week. An Elite license is just $239.60 for the first year.

carrie gauthier replied 9 months ago

Thank you.

2 Answers
Walter JonesWalter Jones answered 9 months ago
Im not aware of any monthly subscription. 
carrie gauthier replied 9 months ago


Michael ClarkMichael Clark answered 9 months ago
I don't think there's a monthly plan, but the sale that's on right now is the best pricing available. Doesn't really help if you're strapped, though. Sorry.

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