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By: Toby Gray | Asked: 12/10/2023
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Toby GrayToby Gray asked 4 months ago
Hi, I've previously only used formidable as a basic contact form on different sites, but we're looking to use it to do something more complex, which I unfortunately can't test with the free version and want to know if this is even possible before I pull the trigger.

We run a speed dating business and what I would like to be able to do is somewhat automate the post-event process of matching peoples choices up and sending out their contact info.

What I would ideally do is this:

Capture on the form:
  • Name
  • The date of the event they attended
  • The city of the event they attended
  • Their number from the event (1-40)
  • Email or phone (must be at least one) that they are willing to share
  • A tickbox consent to data sharing
  • Up to 20 different tick boxes to represent their choices from the event. (tick meaning, 'would see again' and unticked meaning 'would not').
Then the complicated bit.

I then need formidable to be able to cross reference all of the forms submitted from that event against each other and have them see if user A and user B both ticked yes. If they have matched, it then needs to generate an email to both users to forward their contact information to one another.

We're currently doing this the old fashioned way with pen and paper and we'd really like to move into the 21st century.

So what I need to know is the following:

a) Is this sort of complicated cross referencing of data across multiple entries something that formidable can do?

b) Is this reasonably straight forward to setup with a bit of basic website knowledge, or is this something I would need to hire a developer to implement?

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Walter JonesWalter Jones answered 4 months ago
Short answer is yes it can be done. If your not in a time crunch I would recommend you buy a license and see what magic you can make, it’s the only way to beat the learning curve. However, if your still level with formidable isn’t very high I would consider hiring a developer.   My info as well as many talented developers are listed here: https://formidable-masterminds.com/developers-directory/ As straight forward as it seems, it can get complicated. 

Good luck!
Toby GrayToby Gray replied 4 months ago

Brilliant, thanks for the response!

Rob LeVineRob LeVine answered 4 months ago
The answer is almost always going to be "yes you can do it" because Formidable is very flexible. In your case, the answer is definitely yes. In general terms, when a form is submitted, there's a hook that you can call to perform any post-submission processing you'd like in PHP. In that code, you can also programmatically fire off email notifications. That said, you will need PHP coding knowledge and some moderately in-depth Formidable knowledge. I rate it as "Moderate" on a scale of "Beginner-Moderate-Expert", i.e., it's not complex, but it will involve custom coding as I'm unaware of any out-of-the-box solution. You can find a developer in the Formidable Masterminds developer directory.
Toby GrayToby Gray replied 4 months ago

Thanks for the reply. Sounds like it’s a touch outside my skill level. I can just about hack my way through some basic CSS. If it needs php I think I’ll get some help like you suggest. Thanks!

Rob LeVineRob LeVine replied 4 months ago

I'm happy to help if you'd like. You can reach out to me via the directory.

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