Stuck report, broken system

By: Mike MacDonald | Asked: 03/04/2023
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Mike MacDonald asked 1 year ago
Hi  I'm new to FF and finding it great I have created a form easily and began creating a report. After taking some steps Wordpress locks out when I click on the reports tab, while in the form. I guess that I did something evil during report build.  Following up on this, I looked in the database for frm_reports which apparently is supposed to be there but isn't 
  • How to restore the tables without breaking existing forms 
  • Why would this happen? 
Thanks very much for any tips  Kindest regards 
2 Answers
Victor Font answered 1 year ago

Where did you read that Formidable has a table named frm_reports? This is Formidable's database schema: It hasn't changed for a very long time, but there has never been a frm_reports table. If anything, it should be updated with the new subscription and view layout tables that aren't included yet. Timeouts are usually due to the PHP timeout property being set too low. That's something you have to fix at the host level. Please start with the PHP settings in your host's console.

Mike MacDonald replied 1 year ago

Thanks Victor. It was a Chat GPT in response to our question about the database schema. The link to the schema helps. Most helpful is the point that the views are stored in the posts table. We're lucky to have found Formidable Forms very good fit for our application

Walter JonesWalter Jones answered 1 year ago
ChatGPT is not accurate when it comes to all things formidable.  It last learned about FF in 2021.  Read the actual docs from Formidable or keep coming here.

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