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By: Andrew Fishwick | Asked: 02/16/2023
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Andrew Fishwick asked 1 year ago
Afternoon all, I am working on a timesheet using formidable forms for a client and have ran into some issues with calculated time fields. The first field is total hours worked based on a calculated field called Total Hours Monday (then Tuesday etc..)   Start time  Finish time Total breaks Im using time fields for each but think this might be why I am running into a problem, the same when they start at 9pm and finish at 8am the following day.   The second is totalling up the total hours worked throughout the week (Total Hours Monday + Total Hours Tuesday) when I use a numerical field for this, I get the result as a digital time value.    Any help would be appreciated. You can view the form here.. https://timesheet.completelycare.online/timesheet-test/   Thanks   Andy
Walter JonesWalter Jones replied 1 year ago

What is the issue though? If I worked Monday from Noon-2am (into Tuesday), then that can all be under Monday's total hours and so on and so forth with the other days. It looks like you would be subtracting the breaks and the "slept-in" hours? Make all those calculations in the total hours field for each day. Then at the bottom of your form, total up all the time worked.

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