conditional logic depending on selected country

By: Thomas Kutscher | Asked: 03/24/2023
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Thomas Kutscher asked 1 year ago
Hey there,  i am creating an invoice-application which requires different tax-conditions depending on the selected country in the address-field. But there's no option to select entries of the "address-block" for a conditional-logic-rule. Is there a workaround to achieve this? Thanks,
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Walter JonesWalter Jones answered 1 year ago
Create another text field call it Country (Admin) and do a text calculation putting [x show="country"] X being your address field ID as the default value.  Then filter your conditional logic from that field. 
Thomas Kutscher replied 1 year ago

thx so much 👍 i am new to FF but it's already fun working with it...😎

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