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By: mich h | Asked: 01/28/2023
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mich h asked 1 year ago
Hello! I would like some help with using an edit function in a view.  When I create a table view I am given an assigned shortcode (such as [display-frm-data id=267]) and in the editor the boxes for 'add above content' and 'add below content' are there but no editable 'content' area (that is filled with a pre-generated table).  I would like to add edit in place and one tutorial says to place this in the content box:

<div id="frm_container_[id]">
Content here
[editlink label="Edit" prefix="frm_container_"] I do not know how to add this in the content box.  I have tried different ways to do this but no success so far.  I want to display a view for current user only so they can edit their own form submissions. Any help is appreciated!
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Walter JonesWalter Jones answered 1 year ago
Make a new column in your table view and call it Edit.  Then paste your edit in place code in that column.
mich h replied 1 year ago

Hi Walter and thank you for the reply! This did work! One thing I did run into is that I was not able to to edit the column with a filter in place. I had to delete the filter, then add the text, and reapply the filter. I still have to do that to make changes so I am not sure if that is a system thing or something on my end. Either way, your suggestion worked so thank you so much.

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