Multiple modals in a View listing entries cause malfunction. How to fix it?

By: Julius hernández | Asked: 08/30/2023
ForumsCategory: How-toMultiple modals in a View listing entries cause malfunction. How to fix it?
Julius hernándezJulius hernández asked 8 months ago

I like to use modals as they are an elegant way to edit data. But I've noticed that if there is a list of entries in a View and, I insert a modal to call a form to edit any of the entries, it only works well in the first entry.

From the second entry to the last, some functions don't work properly, i.e. a Dynamic Field selection with a dependent Dynamic list field, as well as Cascade Dynamic fields, they are messed up and Conditional Logic won't work.

I understand Formidable docs are aware of this, because in the Bootstrap Modal there is a warning:

Note: Some JavaScript won’t work correctly if several modal edit links are included on the same page. This is the same as having the same form on the page multiple times.

So, what's the point of using modals in Views to edit entries if they don't work with all entries?

I happen to remember someone here was talking about id tags for the modals but I don't know how to implement it.

Do anybody knows a workaround for this?

4 Answers
Hugo K answered 6 months ago
We applied several workarounds which have become useless after latest updates. Would highly appreciate a sustainable solution for the same issue!
Jeff B answered 5 months ago
Yes! I have an issue with multiple modals on the same page not working as expected. The first form displays as expected but the other two are missing fields etc. Would love a solution for this as well. TY
Hugo K answered 4 months ago
Any feedback from the makers would be highly appreciated. Even if it is "this is out of scope, we will not work on this" will help, so that we will work on closing this functional gap in the formidable framework ourselves. Just by the way this might show the community that a tiny part of our payments goes to actual support
Walter JonesWalter Jones answered 4 months ago
Hugo, this is not the official support or features request for formidable.  I would recommend you file a ticket or a request with Strategy 11. This is a community support forum only.  

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