set max value of slider via webhook or javascript?

By: Geert Leysen | Asked: 03/27/2024
ForumsCategory: How-toset max value of slider via webhook or javascript?
Geert Leysen asked 4 weeks ago
I have a slider in a calculator form, where the max number of months depends on another date field and another value field.
Right now I'm using conditions to show/hide multiple slider fields (showing one or the other), but this is getting complicated.
Anyone know a way to change the Max number of the slider in code, after one of the other fields is changed? For example via a webhook, or via a JavaScript perhaps?
1 Answers
Rob LeVineRob LeVine answered 4 weeks ago
Check out this post.  If you know jQuery it will be easy. If not, you can hire a developer to do it.

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