Show entries in a view then allow checkboxes to add data to each entry

By: paulus macaulus | Asked: 01/08/2023
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paulus macaulus asked 1 year ago
I currently have a Google Sheet doing about 90% of what I need but my experience is that my staff break these kinds of complex sheets and then blame cats walking on their keyboards and other ridiculous things, so I'm hoping formidable can achieve what I need but not sure how to get it done, or if it can be done. I need 3-4 staff members to call about 250+ existing clients (this may need to be adjusted to have another round of calling for different things, hence my eagerness to try and get something working long-term). I have exported from a Google Sheet a CSV then imported that info a Formidable Form with details for:
  1. Name
  2. Phone
  3. Email
  4. Company Name
  5. CRM Link
The form can easily display all these entries in a "Grid View". What I need to have, which I cannot figure out is... Staff to access this protected/password protected 'View" page with all the client's details. As they make/complete a call, tick select/checkboxes with the call's outcome, essentially updating 'that' entry with further details for 'that' client.  I have these select/checkboxes as fields with conditional logic setup in the form with these imported client's details but they won't display in the view and if they did, could they work to be ticked and have the cond' logic work and auto-save into that entry for that client with the details of the call that was placed?  I have a dropdown list in the Google Sheet that allows 3 options to start the logic of the next choices: 1 Answered, 2 Rang Out 3. Voicemail From those selections, dynamic dropdown lists pull data from a range, allow multiple selections (with some GoogleApps Scripts to allow multiple).  Example: A Staff member would hit a checkbox before making the call to indicate to other staff members working from the same sheet not to call that client. If the staff got through they select the "Answered" from a dropdown which enables options for the Answered particulars (pulling from a range to have conditional dynamic dropdowns based on the other selection). This cell allows maybe 10 options (multiple selections allowed). Depending on those selections, other selections may be allowed...assign a date... or... assign a higher tier staff to call back, another checkbox cell to allow a 'Success, everything Done"  then show the row as a different colour for easy visual reference. The above works with Google Sheets (i have attached a screenshot of my work in progress, sensitive data blurred) and I could spend the time to get it 100% working for what I need (a couple of hours spent so far). If it was just me using it though, no problem but my staff have broken these complex Google Sheets i make too many times, it annoys me greatly but I've had it enough times that I want to see if formidable can achieve similar/better this time. Hoping its possible and someone can point me in the right direction :) Macaulus
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Walter JonesWalter Jones answered 1 year ago
paulus macaulus replied 1 year ago

You have definitely put me on the right track with this info, thank you 🙂

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