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By: Emmanuel GADEK | Asked: 06/01/2023
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Emmanuel GADEK asked 11 months ago
Hi to all community members,
I regullary receive commercial offers trough my website's form.
It's not really spam, because it is human submissions (not a bot).
Re-Captcha web service is well setted on and the honeypot basic function activated too....
Is there any solution to prevent of this ?

Best regards.
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Walter JonesWalter Jones answered 11 months ago
If it’s a real person, then not really.  The only thing you could fry is making the form more complicated to want to fill out. I had a client that this was happening to, what we did was build a new form called Pin # and had it load in a bootstrap modal via an html field on the main form.  It had two fields, an email field and a text field that generated a random number. We then added a single line text look up field to the main form that lookup up the random generated number. That lookup field was required for the main form to be submitted. So if they didn’t have a random number that matched an entry they couldn’t submit the form.  

So a human spammer doesn’t want to do all that to just send a random ad. 

just keep in mind this may cut down on people, wanting to submit forms that you are expecting as well.
Walter JonesWalter Jones replied 11 months ago

They would have to submit the pin number form via the model to get the pin number to enter into the main form prior to submitting the main form.

Victor Font replied 11 months ago

That would make great "how to" cybersecurity article.

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